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Understand Bullies and How to Deal with them

Understand Bullies and How to Deal with them

Admin 23-11-2020

Bullies are people who deliberately seek to harm or intimidate those who they understand as vulnerable. People can be bullied from very early school days or even face similar situations later in their life at work place and family life. 

Bullies can be abusive verbally or physically. Teasing, shaming, hitting, punching or taking away things such as money, food etc. 

The person who is getting bullied can suffer from stress, low confidence, fear, inability to concentrate, worry, poor appetite and sleep. 

Understanding bullies:

  • People who bully have experienced or are experiencing stressful or traumatic situations themselves. 

  • People who bully suffer from low self esteem. Bullying helps them mask their actual feelings and get attention from others. 

  • Bullies often believe that by bullying others they can feel stronger and safer from other bullies. 

In order to deal with bullies:

  • Be very calm and seek help from someone who can understand the situation. 

  • Never show the bully that you are afraid or affected by their behaviour. This will reinforce the bully to intimidate you again. 

  • Don't try to fight back. If they say "you are stupid!", say " Yes, we all are stupid at times, you are right " and walk away.

  • Don't take bullies personally. The mean things they do or say are not meant for you. The bullies are also fighting a battle. However, don't let them bring you down.