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Arunava Mitra

When you feel you low, depressed in life and want to die after losing some precious things. You lose yourself and you forget to smile. But God knows who and when should meet you and for me that was Doctor Shreshtha. She helped me, motivated me supported me along the journey of depression to happiness. She helped me to feel special again and bealive myself again that I can be happy. I am thankful to her so much that she again gave me a life where I am happy again.She helped me to grow positivene

Rituparna Mukherjee

I am very happy that I found her. I was in such a mess, I was not sure if I can ever get out of it. And I couldn't even share with people. She made me feel comfortable and I could share my each and every feeling in true sense. And within few sessions, I could feel things are changing within me. What seemed impossible a few months back, seems achievable now. Today I feel much lighter. Not only I could overcome my problems, but I got to know myself better through these sessions while talking

Adrita Majumder

This is not the first time I sought Shreshtha’s help. Shrestha has helped me identify my problems in details and has answered all the questions which used to cloud my mind. She has been extremely patient and supportive and what I truly like about her is she will make you feel that inspite of all your problems you can fly ! She asks you questions so that she can understand your problems better. Her smile makes the going a little easier. I would definitely recommend her to anyone seeking help.